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Since 1 June 2012 according to the new law established by the Dutch government called “telecomlaw” each Web site is legally obliged to inform the users about the 'cookies' and to ask permission for their use. The website you are visiting also uses ‘cookies’.

What are ‘cookies’?

'Cookies' are small pieces of data sent from a website and stored in a user's computer while a user is browsing a website. A 'cookie' does not save your name, your address or your age or other personal data; 'cookies' remember only your preferences and interests based on your surfing habits.

Different cookies:

  1. Functional cookies
    Functional cookies relate to the abilities to surf through the web. Your computer remembers the layout that you have created yourself. For these cookies no permission is requested.

  2. Cookies for website statistics
    ‘Cookies’ used for website statistics (hit counters that collect data such as Google Analytics) are meant to analyze which pages are visited, which browser people use most (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc). Based on this information, we can improve our sites. This information is stored anonymously so no personal data is saved, nor trackable elements referring to who you are. These ‘cookies’ are simply used to make your visit helpful in our website analysis.

  3. Cookies for advertisement
    If advertisements are published on this website (by publisher himself or “third parties”) ‘cookies’ can be used for "targeting" purposes: to build a profile of you, based on your surfing habits: e.g. your (presumed) interests are matched to the advertisements offered and shown to you. This profile can also be built on the basis of information from your visits to other websites.

  4. Social Media ‘Cookies’
    On many websites the use of Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and other social media has practical reasons: for example to place Tweets, videos and reactions via Facebook on their own website. These external parties can analyse the ‘click’ behavior through these ‘cookies’.

Turn off Cookies

Thanks to ‘cookies’ the advertisements are adapted to your interests. When you turn off your ‘cookies’, you will still receive advertisements, only this is not adapted to your surfing habits. If you disable ‘cookies’ that remember your preferences, your settings such as your password and login name, are lost and you have to type these over and over again. You can always disable cookies or adjust the settings in your own browser. Disabling ‘cookies’ could cause navigation disturbance on this website. Disabling ‘cookies’ affects only the computer and browser on which you run this operation. If you are using several computers and/or browsers you will need to repeat this operation as many times as necessary.

How to turn off Cookies?

Unsubscribe "third party" cookies

You can disable ‘cookies’ that give the advertisers and the website owners an insight into your interests on Through this Website your computer is checked on existing cookies and you can also specify which companies are and are not allowed to keep the track of your surfing habits. The cookies that track your password, logins and other preferences can be turned on or off through your browser settings.

Privacy Policy.

This information is handled with the greatest possible care by the publisher of this website. Needles to say, all laws and regulations, including the data protection act are followed and taken care of. For more information, see the privacy and ‘cookie’ policy on this website.


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